The Forward Initiative

FORWARD is an intentional two-year generosity initiative that will empower Meadowbrook to further our mission of influencing people with the gospel for many years to come. During this season we will be sowing seeds for the sake of future generations.
We believe that God has purposefully called Meadowbrook to the East Tosa community. This two-year season will further root us in this neighborhood in order to have a lasting influence for another thirty-five years and beyond.


With the Community

Our neighborhoods are full of people who are lost, broken, and alone. A vibrant gospel community has the power to transform an individual’s life.

Our facility is sixty years old, built when church culture was vastly different. We need a relevant and inviting facility to engage our community.

For the Next Generation

Without the next generation, the church will hinder its effectiveness in reaching the world.

For the church to have lasting impact, a new group of gospel pioneers need to be developed and deployed, and we need the right environment to do it.

Into the World

Every year, an exponential number of churches close their doors. More gospel-centered churches are needed to reach the world. Our property is landlocked, and expansion is limited, but the possibility for multiplication is limitless.

Meadowbrook is becoming a launchpad to deploy a new generation of leaders to establish new churches where a gospel presence is lacking.

100% Engagement

Our Primary Goal

Moving FORWARD with 100% engagement means that every person who calls Meadowbrook Church home is willing to trust God’s vision for this church.
It requires that we willingly open ourselves to the practice of generosity through a commitment to pray, act, and give toward this vision of the future of Meadowbrook Church.


We pursued prayer for nearly a year before we did anything. And we met at Hart Park and we prayed in the evenings for a year to see if this is really what God is calling us to.

- Tim

We come here because we are welcomed, we do know that God is here, and we feel his love and we’re taught about it and reminded of it every time we come here. We want others to know that.

- Andrea

The heart transformation that happens when you are a part of that giving is so much bigger, because we are the Church. It’s about what I am doing to build the kingdom.

- Annie


Our Secondary Goal

We believe that God has called us to look to the future of Meadowbrook Church, our communities, and our surrounding world. As we commit ourselves to this FORWARD vision, we believe that God will guide us into a time of faith-filled generosity.
We are trusting God to use His people and His resources to support the operational budget and expanded vision of Meadowbrook Church from the Spring of 2023 through April of 2025.

Help us Reach $3.5 Million for a Bright Future!

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