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FORWARD is a One-Fund Initiative.

In the past, you may have been a part of church campaigns that have asked you to give a second gift specifically dedicated to a building fund or new ministry.

At Meadowbrook Church we have One Mission:

Invite people to Discover Jesus Christ

Become His fully devoted followers

Influence our Community & World

FORWARD is an expansion of that mission. It is all one mission, so it is funded through one budget.

We are trusting God to provide for our current missional needs as well as the funds to propel Meadowbrook FORWARD.
This one-fund approach means that all monies provided to Meadowbrook during the two years of this initiative will support the entire FORWARD vision.
Every aspect of the ministry that God is calling Meadowbrook into will be funded through the FORWARD initiative.
This is not about a building, a room, or a single ministry; it is about dedicating ourselves to the mission God has given us.

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