Impacting the World

As followers of Jesus, it is our hope to positively influence our relationships, communities, neighborhoods, and world.
We do our mission work locally and globally: connecting with those across the street and worldwide.

We invite you to join us on our mission. Below are some of the organizations, service projects, and people we partner with.

Global Outreach

The primary avenue for Meadowbrook’s involvement in global outreach is our support of the following international workers, as well as those engaged in mission stateside.

Billy & Laura Borkenhagen

John & Janet Certalic

Lon & Louise Diehl

Mike & Trisha Goddard

Dave & Ann Heinrich

Jason & Sue Holm

Craig & Tina Holmquist

Dan & Louise Hubert

Eric & Mollie Kroner

Kathy McCready

Paul & Jenn Runnoe

Local Neighborhood & Community Outreach